The case for change

Preparing for change

Engineering change

Sustaining change

The case for change

Trigger the right conversations, ask the right questions. Develop Tech Fluency through our keynotes and master-classes to understand how your world is changing and how you connect to abundance.

Most companies are not prepared


of Chief Strategy Officers say new technologies will rapidly change their company’s industry


of companies have completed true digital transformation programs


of companies have no programs in place to build the skills of the future

Sources: Accenture, SAP and Deloitte

Challenges to Digital Transformation

A culture of avoiding failure vs experimentation
Traditional siloed-waterfall vs collaborative-agile ways of work
Hippo (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion) vs data-driven decision making
Planning using long-term forecasts vs a scientific-iterative approach
Governance for command-and-control vs learning velocity

Prepare for Change

External and internal analysis through cutting-edge research, future-fit benchmarking. Host executive sessions to assess strategic opportunities to prioritize business objectives.

External Analysis

Industry Research

  • Industry trends and case studies
  • Competitor analysis
  • Emerging technologies
  • Strategic considerations and options

EXCO Future-Fit Workshop 1

  • Summary of findings
  • The ROI of transformation
  • Identify strategic innovation opportunities

Internal Analysis

Future Fit Benchmarking

  • Digital Maturity Assessment
  • Game-Changer Index
  • ExQ Assessment
  • Change Capability Assessment

EXCO Future-Fit Workshop 2

  • Summary of benchmark findings
  • Prioritisation
  • Assign Roles
  • Communication Plan

Engineer Change

Future-Fit Transformation Sprint to design the transformation program that will deliver business value. A bespoke execution plan is developed consisting of Future-fit Design Sprints, growth experiments and workshops.

The only way to engineer change an organization is to change how you tackle projects, how you make decisions and how you manage your teams.

Traditional Company

Top down



Long-term forecasts

Functions, command

Avoid failure

For standardisation











Modern Company

Customer driven






For speed

Growth boards

Sustain Change

Changing habits and ways of work requires sustained reinforcement. The two greatest weapons to drive change is increased accountability and secondly, empowering and incentivising people to change.

Change Management

Change management must cascade throughout the organization to be effective using on in-person and digital change management approaches.

Internal and external landscape review. Executive Sessions. Prioritization of strategic opportunities. Sign off on Future Fit Transformation Sprint. Drive accountability through Dashboard. Ongoing digital coaching.

Team Leads

Drivers of Future-Fit Transformation Sprint. Design execution program and change management framework to engage all teams. Use Innovation Accounting Dashboard to focus efforts. Apply collaborate, iterative ways of work.


Empower those closest to the problem to drive execution. Clear metrics to measure progress and success. Continuous upskilling through bite-sized learning and discussions on learning experience platform.

Team Leads

Get everyone informed and empowered to move in the same direction

Innovation Accounting Dashboard

“What gets measured gets managed.” – Peter Drucker

An Innovation Accounting Dashboard anchors daily conversations to focus on the right things, provides transparency and drives accountability. Use our Innovation Accounting Dashboard to drive new habits and behaviours.

Some potential metrics to track

The only way to engineer change an organization is to change how you tackle projects, how you make decisions and how you manage your teams.

Journey Together

Learn fast so you can move fast. Bite-sized micro-learning engagements provides continuous insights and upskilling to build innovation expertise. Two-way communication ensures the organization is able to listen to internal sentiments.

‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. ‘ – African Proverb

Building Digital Skills, Digitally

Unlock long-term digital transformation by building the skills to drive change internally. Overcome competency gaps and future proof of your workforce. We can help you build capability and capacity for digital transformation.