Connect with new ways of creating value

Traditional models are based on scarcity: value is derived from selling a product or service that is in limited supply. New business models are based on abundance.

Keynotes & Masterclasses

Keynote: Techtonic Shifts

We are living through unusual times. Now is the time to leverage the power of emerging exponential and digital technologies as they are finally mature enough to solve problems and match the scale of these market challenges.

What you get:

  • Know what is really happening in the world of technology and why it matters
  • Re-frame your thinking around the abundance mindset, away from scarcity model of old
  • Where to next? What does your industry look in the future?

Keynote: Becoming A Digital Master

Digital technologies offer us powerful capabilities which are crucial to understand in order to break constraints and deliver more effective solutions, across business and social needs.

What you get:

  • Appreciation of technology beyond wanting to build an app
  • Fundamental understanding of digital technologies, skip over the buzzwords
  • Recognize how technology can break constraints and apply this thinking in your own organization for better performance

Keynote: RE: Education – thriving in the future of work

We need to develop a new shared language that speaks precisely to the mindset and behavioural outcomes we seek from education, so we can more systematically define, measure and develop for them.

What you get:

  • Know what is really happening in the world of technology and why it matters.
  • Re-frame your thinking for an abundance mindset.
  • Where to next? What does your industry look in the future?

Keynote or Masterclass: Tech Fluency – technology for non-tech professionals

See digital technology through the eyes of a practical, hands-on innovator. To fully leverage the power of the digital technology, starts by changing how we think about technology.

What you get:

  • A framework to understand the role of the machine and the role of humans.
  • Understand the top skills and ways of work to support a thriving career in the digital world.
  • Deep-dive into some of the most popular skills: creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration.

Masterclass: Lean Innovation

Just as Lean Manufacturing fuelled the first 3 industrial revolutions, so Lean Innovation is fuelling the 4th and 5th. Our Lean Innovation process is a combination of different start-up methodologies to enable businesses to develop better products faster. It is the best of business strategy, design thinking, lean startup, growth marketing and behavioural science – packed into a process that that has been tested and refined over 4-years with hundreds of startups and corporate teams.

What you get:

  • An introduction to the latest lean innovation methodologies and techniques used by the World’s most successful companies.
  • Practical exercises to practise the methodologies.
  • A Lean Innovation playbook

Masterclass: The Smart Innovator

It’s not about the idea, but the execution. It’s great to be able to come up with ideas, but its even better to know how to think through new ideas clearly. It comes down to knowing the assumptions that are crucial to make your business work, and boldly exploring them.

What you get:

  • Be able to identify the common pitfalls in business ideas and save your efforts.
  • A customer journey framework for the digital world to think clearly through your new ideas.
  • Understand how to test and validate your ideas using minimal resources.

Masterclass: Growth Hacking

Looking for new channels to market? Need new strategies to pick up sales? Growth Hacking is a process of rapid experimentation across marketing funnel, product development, sales segments, and other areas of the business to identify the most efficient ways to grow a business.

What you get:

  • Identify the most impactful interventions to drive growth in your businesses.
  • A set of 4-6 week experiments to test the hypothesis behind the proposed interventions.
  • A Growth Hacker’s guidebook.

Future-Fit Benchmarking

Future-Fit Benchmarking measures an organization’s digital maturity, propensity to manage change as well as understanding the individual and team contributions to innovation.

Digital Maturity Index

This tool is based on twelve factors organized into two dimensions.

  • Leadership & Strategy: This includes the drivers of digital transformation and the frameworks and structures within which the transformation journey happens.
  • Application & Impact: This includes the manifestations of digital transformation, alternatively stated as the ‘what’ of digital transformation.

Game Changer Index

Use a new language to impact full collaboration across the organization. Understand how well teams are able to innovate, engineer change, drive change and sustain change.

  • Learn each individual’s contribution to innovation: playmaker, polisher, implementer, strategist or game-changer.
  • Organise teams for greater impact depending on the teams objectives and stage of projects.

Learning Journeys

Develop Tech Fluency over time. To keep up with rapid changes in the work place and the new normal of remote work, teams need to stay tuned in, access relevant information and ask pertinent questions through digital learning experiences.