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We coach, train and mentor teams to build and scale innovations faster using the latest business management methods and lean innovation techniques. We believe in a scientific approach to innovation, where gut-feel and HIPPOs (highest paid person’s opinions) are replaced with carefully planned experimentation. The result is reaching product-market fit in the shortest possible time while preventing wasteful expenditure associated with executing unvalidated business cases.

Most companies are not prepared


of Chief Strategy Officers say new technologies will rapidly change their company’s industry


of companies have completed true digital transformation programs


of companies have no programs in place to build the skills of the future

Sources: Accenture, SAP and Deloitte

“Any company designed for success in the 20th century… is doomed to  failure in the 21st.”

David Rose

What We Do

We fill the gap between strategy and execution by helping companies move ideas from thought-world into the real world as quickly as possible to validate assumptions and prevent wasted expenditure on unproven business cases.

All programs delivered online or in-person.

A new insurance company wanted to test value added services to boost their growth. We ran a 5-day growth hacking sprint to test their go-to-market strategy and messaging strategy.


Built and tested 2 marketing video concepts and a landing page with customers and improved their go-to-market strategy. Upskilled the team on growth hacking. They achieved R100mil in turnover growth as a result.

“We doubled revenue in 4-months!”

Case Study

Insuretech achieves exponential growth.

Case Study

Pay-TV provider tests new consumer app.


Worked with a multinational media house and Pay-TV provider to prototype and test a new consumer app in 4 days. Collected market data and compiled a business case in record time.


Timeline from idea to approved business case was condensed down from an average of 6 months to 18 days. A pilot was then initiated to test the Business Model.

“Every project should kick-off with a Design Sprint. This would normally have taken months!”


Ran a 4-day Design Sprint to launch a new website with a call to action, ran a Facebook campaign and measured the conversion rate and cost of acquisition while iterating on the pricing and product features.


We collected real market data which was used to validate the business model. Initially the product had 7 different price points but 80% of customers went for only 3 of the offers, so the other 4 was dropped.

“We saved tens of millions of Rands!”

Case Study

Telco experiments with new business model.

I would highly recommend Floris to anyone looking to modernise their way of work and adopt lean startup methodologies in their organisation.

Mpume NcubeDakaExecutive Head of Product and Innovation, MultiChoice

Rapelang skillfully tackled the issue of digital transformation, looking at how digital technology can be used to enhance revenue, reduce costs, improve customer value proposition and how these changes will impact people, culture and ways of work.

Basani MalulekeCEO, African Bank

I would highly recommend Rapelang Rabana to any organization looking to define or expand on their digital transformation roadmap and priority projects.

Erwin TjipukaCEO, FNB Namibia

Working with Floris has been great and has opened our eyes to new exciting possibilities.

Johan BarnardPartner e-Business King Price Insurance

Rapelang was able to explain technology to our investment team without using the buzzwords.

Mary BombelaCEO Mineworkers Investment Company

Floris has a vast breadth of knowledge and experience and knows how to get the message through.

Hymie MarnewickCEO XLink

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